that even if her vocabulary is enormous, she is still a little girl.

That even though she counts the minutes to get outside and play with her friends, she still needs lots of time with her mommy.

That even though she sometimes talks with almost teenage sophistication, she still needs to hear many nurturing words of kindness, every day.

That even though she has strong opinions about what she likes and does not like, she still needs strong input, guidance and support.

That even though she is a wonderful big sister, eager to read and teach her little sister, she still needs to be taught and guided.

And when I see these things, give me grace to take a moment and pour into her little life.

….To put aside my dishes, my Facebook (ouch), and take a few minutes to instruct, guide, love, nurture…. To invite her into what I am doing, “Will you come help me chop this broccoli, make this bed, solve this problem?” …To number these important days with her.

These are the thoughts that flooded through my mind as I saw her little feet dangling…. so often I am sitting across from her, where all I can see are signs of her maturity: the pretty eyes, the words spoken in a manner that make me forget she is only 7. Or I am flying by, putting plates out, dashing back to make sure something does not burn or to fill up water glasses.

But on this day, I notice her little feet. Dangling well above the floor. And I am reminded of her littleness. Her vulnerability. Her needs.

And I pray, “Help me, Lord. To mother her well. To be faithful. To cherish. To remember You are the only perfect Parent, and you will give me strength and grace and second chances.