Disappointment washes over me.  The pain I had hoped would disappear in my sleep is still here.  Throbbing in my head.

Thoughts flash immediately forward.  Husband preparing a sermon.  A field trip planned with the kids.  Breakfast and lunch and dinner to make.  They need me.  How will I do this day?

And then, as quickly as the anxious thoughts begin, Love breaks through.  I am with you.  You are not alone.  My grace is sufficient.  You can do all things…. but only through Me.  And I’m here.  here!  right now. and all day.  and for all of forever.

And Love kept coming.  A friend offering, unasked, to take my boys on their field trip.  Husband’s warm embrace giving comfort.  His words, “I’m sorry you are hurting… How can I help you?” flooding my heart with not only his love… but with His Love.

Love does not disappoint.  Now it is not only my head throbbing, but my heart, too, throbs with His Love, through His Spirit and through His flesh-and-blood followers who lay their lives down in these small but oh! not so small ways, for me, their friend.

And wouldn’t I accept one kind of throb if it means now I can know another, stronger, better One?

This is real Love.  Love incarnate.  Love made flesh.  Love washes the disappointment away and replaces it with hope for this day, whatever else it may hold.  Hallelujah.