“The man is built with a mission in mind.  The woman’s role is to enable and help him.”  Doug Wilson

Today, to serve the church and Christ, I make the preacher soup.

When I went to Bible college, I imagined mission fields, women’s ministry, studying Greek… but maybe not so much the seminary of the kitchen and the laundry room.

But He had greater things planned for me.  The mission field of my home.

Discipling the little women that inhabit these walls.

Washing the socks of the young men, while shaping their hearts and minds.

Feeding the preacher nourishing meals so that tomorrow he can nourish the church with the Word.

Today, my work does not involve a Greek dictionary, but a cutting board.  As I chop onions, bacon, and potatoes, I learn what it means to serve the church.  To play my part: to enable my husband, the preacher, to fulfill his mission.

Learning the language of Love, one bowl of soup at a time.