Favorite words from around and about.

I love the snappy writing style of the Femina girls.  Check out a recent favorite.

My husband surprised me and is sending me here in June!!!

After almost  a year thinking about it, I started this a few weeks ago.  I was very scared to start, and often feel like I.just.can’t.do.it, but with a lot (a lot!) of help and encouragement from my running husband, I am making s-l-o-w, but sure progress.

I’m always wondering how other wives work out what it means to be a home maker, so I loved reading this account about one woman’s work from across the globe.

Getting all the kids ready and out the door- without being crabby and cranky- can be such a hard thing for me at times!  You, too?  Here are some good words to help with that.

Looking for ways to show kindness to your kids?  Here’s some inspiration.

And because we all need as much encouragement as we can get in this mothering thing, a few more words about that.