She looks at me, sweet.  Shy.

She asks me softly.  “Mommy, do you think everyone will look at me?”

And I give her the reassurance that I need to hear myself.  Words about how much He loves her, how she can trust Him and then seek out others, instead of thinking only about how she feels.  She walks away from me, into the room with a nervous smile.

And later I talk to other girls, the grown up kind who still feel like my little one.

We still get scared to walk in a room.

Even more scared to share our hearts and lives with each other.

And so we are tempted to shut ourselves in.  Stay home.  Or stay quiet.  Safe.

But this safety we create is really no safety at all.  Our safety is in Him.  Only in Him.

When we keep ourselves closed off to each other, we are left to bear our own burdens.

Left to our own imaginations (I don’t think she likes me… her home/marriage/life is perfect…. she does everything better than I do).

Left alone in our pride (I can handle life on my own, I’m just fine over here in my corner).

Left alone in our fear (what will she think if she really knew me?)

His Word is sure and deep, and He bids us to come and lay ourselves bare in order that we may bear each other’s burdens, encourage each other, and a whole host of other ‘one anothers’ (just for fun, go to and search ‘one another’…wow!).

All the way back in the Garden, He made man and saw that he needed relationship. To be connected to someone else.

And so it is with us.

We can’t obey one single of those ‘one anothers’ if we are too busy, too scared, or too full of ourselves (fear and insecurity force us to focus only on our own needs, instead of the precious sisters around us) to actually connect with each other.

So like I encouraged my little girl, let’s ask Him for grace to turn away from our fears and self consciousness. To put our hope in Him.  Let’s put away our pride and our comfort.  Let’s hope in Him, so that we are free to truly love one another.