My husband gave me a great gift and sent me to the Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference this weekend.

Thousands of women.  Incredible Bible teaching.  Beautiful moments of worship.

One highlight: Listening to verse -by-verse exposition of Revelation 4 and 5, having our hearts and minds filled with scenes of heavenly worship, and then wholeheartedly singing, “There is a Higher Throne,” led by the Gettys.

I got off the plane, was greeted with a swarm of smallish arms all wrapped around me, and the strong arm of my husband drawing me in.

Then someone had to go potty. Right! Now!

We took the kids for a special treat and they started arguing over who got the most Slurpee.

We got home, and I noticed the full laundry hamper (truly a happy sign of a fun weekend with Daddy),

Daddy was off to a meeting, and I was pretty sure I smelled something that didn’t belong upstairs in a bedroom.

Soon I was bathing my little girl after a potty accident, kneeling beside the bathtub, telling her how much I missed her while I was gone, how much God loves her and how He can wash all her sin away through the blood of Jesus.

Then it was on to prompting another child along in his bedtime prep, brushing some teeth, hanging up Sunday morning’s dresses, kisses and prayers, and heading downstairs to pick up the evening’s clutter and wash up the dishes…

The bathroom-taking, argument-breaking, clothes-washing, dish-washing….this is where I can display the glory of God in my life.

I came back from the conference with a full mind (session after session packed full of biblical truth!).  But as I was scurrying around from task to task, Paul’s words to the Corinthians kept coming to my mind,

And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.

I can put my mind to work, applying my attention and intellect to understanding the beautiful intricacies of the Scriptures.  I can delve into commentaries and theological works, both incredible gifts to the Church.  I can raise my hands in worship in response to hearing God’s Word.

But if I come home and can’t kneel and wash my little girl… I’ve gained nothing.

If I can’t put down my computer and play a game with my boys… my learning has been in vain.

If I sit down in the morning and delve into verse-by-verse inductive study, but don’t get up from my quiet time ready to lay down my life for my family, church, and community, I have simply exercised my mind but my heart remains changed.

Hearing the Word must result in true worship of the Savior and a deeper love for Him and those He has put in my life.

So my prayer this week is that His grace will keep me coming back to His Word, His grace will keep me studying, and then His grace will take that reading and studying and transform my heart so that I can worship and serve.